Nestled in the heart of fashionable Richmond, is the concept hair studio, Urchin Studio1.

Urchin Studio1 welcomes you to sit back, relax and enjoy the atmosphere while being attended to by their
professional styling team.

Tara Whitehead, the owner and chief stylist at Urchin Studio1, is a firm believer in complete client satisfaction.

Tara takes the time to get to know her clients; their individual needs and takes pride in her work.

Tara shares her enthusiasm with all the staff at Urchin Studio1.

The Urchin Studio1 team uses internationally recognised and high quality professional products, which includes
L'Oreal, GHD and GK Hair.

This, together with passion, energy and extensive award winning experience, makes Urchin Studio1 your ideal next choice in hair salon.

Feel free to drop in and experience Urchin Studio1.

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