Indian Heaad Massage
Indian Heaad Massage
Indian Heaad Massage
Indian Heaad Massage

Luxurious Head Massage and Hair Treatments

It is now possible to receive a luxurious Indian Head Massage and Personalised Hair Bath and Scalp treatment in a professional hair salon environment, we believe as a first in Australia.

The head, neck and shoulders are all energy centres where tension is most likely to accumulate. By stimulating scalp circulation, it relaxes the scalp and tones up the muscles, relieving eyestrains, headaches, improving concentration, boosting the immune system and generally creating a feeling of wellbeing.

Here are the details of the Urchin offer


Indian Head Massage - Shiro Abhyanga

Indian Head Massage, or as it is known in India Shiro Abhyanga, is a deeply relaxing massage involving the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck and of course, the head. The technique relaxes the layer of muscle covering the head, improving blood flow, nourishing the scalp and alleviating stress and anxiety.

Shiro Abhyanga is an ancient art that has been practised for over a thousand years originally developed to keep hair strong, lustrous and in good condition.

A luxurious 60-minute Shiro Abhyanga treatment from Urchin Studio1 includes:

  • Application of a hot oil scalp treatment
  • A relaxing and pampering head & neck massage.
  • Hot steaming towel wrap.
  • A tension-releasing neck, shoulders, upper back, arms, hands, ears and face massage.
  • An application of a nourishing hand cream.

Cost $95

Please note, to receive the full benefit of the scalp oil treatment, we recommend that you leave the salon with the oil still in your hair.


L'Oreal Hair Bath Cream & Style Blow Dry

After the Shiro Abhyanga, treatment, as an additional benefit to add extra moisture to the rest of your hair, why not add a L'Oreal hair bath treatment? A bath cream is applied to the mid- lengths and ends of your hair and your treatment is finished off with Style Blow Dry

Additional cost $40 (value $65)

Shiro Abhyanga deeply relaxing treatment will leave your entire body tingling.

* To make this service easier please wear a loose collared top and to benefit from the hot oil scalp treatment please come with your hair clean as the hot oil is applied to dry unwashed hair


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