Before and After Photos of Global Keratin

GK Hair is the treatment that everyone is talking about and is the latest way to improve the quality and look of your hair.

It is perhaps the most revolutionary development in hair care seen in the past 50 years!

Is your hair hard to manage, dry, brittle and has lost some of its natural shine? If so, then a GK Hair treatment is for you.

Did you know that your hair consists principally of the Keratin protein? Whilst Keratin is difficult to breakdown, over time the environmental effects of pollution and UV sunlight, can lead to hair deterioration.

In essence, a GK Hair treatment is an opportunity to not only improve the look and feel of your hair, it is also an opportunity to enjoy some ‘me’ time at the Urchin Studio 1 concept salon. Like to book in for a treatment? Why not contact us here.

Here is more detail about how the GK Hair treatment process works :-


We take time to get to know you and discuss the condition of your hair and what outcome you are looking for. We then thoroughly shampoo your hair with a two-step process before we get started with the treatment process.


We start by applying the treatment section by section to the hair, leave the treatment to penetrate into your hair then we rinse your hair.

Next we blow dry your hair into a natural smooth style before ironing it, a few strands of hair at a time, to ensure the maximum penetration possible.

In short, the GK Hair is applied to the open hair cuticle of your hair; we methodically do this to ensure that each section of your
hair receives the appropriate amount of Keratin.


To extend the longevity of the Keratin treatment, we recommended that you protect your hair by using the GK Hair Sodium-Chloride free shampoo and conditioner. Other products can break down the added Keratin, destroying the amazing benefits of the treatment.
These approved products are available for you to purchase at the salon.

All up, the GK Hair treatment system is designed to restore hair by repairing and providing long-term conditioning and protection. It is world class.

The treatment gives you chic, savvy and manageable hair that will look like you have stepped out of a hair salon every-time you step out of your home for up to four months!

Like to book a time to have a treatment or like to know more? Why not contact us here.

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